Links for June 23, 2016

America's First Woman Baseball Writer Broke Glass Ceilings Without A Bat

But Black wasn’t in it for a lark at all. “When she kept sending letters, and these reports had interesting and insightful information in them, they kept publishing them,” says Peterson. Eventually, the paper’s editor sent her press credentials—not that they were much use. Many of the baseball news hubs—locker rooms, bullpens, taverns—were, either legally or socially, essentially off-limits to Black.... “I did not care to indulge in so much red tape,” Black wrote. “I put an end to the conference by purchasing a ticket and feeling very independent as I walked in and took my seat.”

Does NBA have right plan for mental health going forward?

[Royce] White’s been very consistent in his arguments over the years. He believes the NBA does not have any policies or protocols to specifically deal with anyone – players, coaches, team employees – that have mental health issues. He believes that teams should not have decision-making authority over a player’s treatment for mental health problems and that those decisions should be made by the player’s personal physician and/or outside physicians who specialize in mental health.

2016 AICP Sponsor Reel - Dir Cut - Mocap ahoy.