Links for June 21, 2017

Off the Sideline, Into the NBA Analyst’s Chair

Hair short and fingernails short, Meyers Drysdale and Ready sat midcourt in Phoenix’s Talking Stick Resort Arena.... The basketball was clearly not breaking any records that evening. That honor was reserved for Ready and Meyers Drysdale, nearly 40 years after the latter stepped into the Pacers booth. They were two female analysts working the same game for the first time in history. Two women putting an end to first times.

The most powerful woman in sports

By the start of the 2016-17 season, it was clear that the Lakers needed a change. Jim had promised to step down at the end of the season if the Lakers didn’t make a playoff run. By January, it was obvious there would be no turnaround. Jeanie and [Magic] Johnson had dinner that month. On Feb. 21, she fired Kupchak and her brother Jim.... To resolve the litigation, the brothers canceled the board election and signed documents ensuring that Jeanie would be the team’s controlling owner for the rest of her life. Both were removed as trustees of the Buss Family Trusts, replaced by their sister Janie and half-brother Joey.

Gamecube startup 4 billion times.