Links For June 21, 2014

Diary of a Corporate Sellout

What we didn’t anticipate was how giving up ownership sells the community instead. Building an online community is like throwing a big party. You build the house, decorate it, and send out some invites. But it’s the people that show up that make it special. When you sell the house, you’re not just selling a house. You’re selling everyone inside.

All is lost: In the series finale of NBA Y2K, we bear witness to the slow, miserable death of basketball

I created 80 players and named each of them after the folks who sent me the poems about the NBA’s demise that I liked the most. These players are designed as pitifully as NBA 2K14 would allow: 5‘3, 145 pounds, and awful at every basketball skill: shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, awareness, everything.... Year after year, I’m feeding the NBA the same draft class file. Nothing but short, talentless weaklings, for years. And years. And years, until they are all that’s left. This is how the NBA you love was destroyed.

The Magic Circle is a puzzle exploration game set inside vapourware

The Magic Circle is set inside a high-fantasy remake of a fictional 80s text adventure, also called The Magic Circle, that has been in production for many years.... An audio diary early on (of course there are audio diaries) reveals that The Magic Circle has been in production for two decades. It’s vapourware. The environment resembles a whiteboard outline that has been erased and redrawn - a beautiful, sinewy vision of sketch lines and uncertain clouds, with only occasional flashes of colour showing live elements.

OpenXcom | Open-source clone of the original X-Com

Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did.

And he had a great sense of humor about the strip I had done, and was very funny, and oh yeah…. He had a comic strip idea he wanted to run by me. Now if you had asked me the odds of Bill Watterson ever saying that line to me, I’d say it had about the same likelihood as Jimi Hendrix telling me he had a new guitar riff. And yes, I’m aware Hendrix is dead.

Where the music to your favorite CBS logo comes from