Links For June 18, 2015

Curry, Iguodala combine for 50 as Warriors close out Cavs in Game 6

Revived by [Stephen] Curry, their fresh-faced shooting superstar, and bonded by first-year coach Steve Kerr who made them believe, the Warriors ended a 40-year NBA championship drought Tuesday night by finishing off James and the undermanned Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 in Game 6.

Colorblind: On Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming's race problem

You see the problem. When white gamers are forced to play people not of their race, it’s “forced politics;” when I’m forced into the same scenario, it’s business as usual. When you complain, you’re making a fuss and being political. The argument is a bit scary when you break it down: The only way games can avoid politics in this situation is to pretend that people of color don’t exist.

We’re Not Pegs

It seems weak, this carving away at ourselves to fit in someone else’s definitions. I hate the fact that it happened to me. I’m stubborn and most of my friends would never think I’d change my personality or habits just to suit someone else. It can pass notice because the change is so gradual. Much of it is subconscious, taught to us by time and trials. Think of it as our unique edges and shapes being worn over the years of making ourselves fit. Jam that interesting peg into a round hole enough times, and it becomes more round–and less interesting–even that wasn’t anyone’s goal.

The Pressure of Being “Gifted”

I’m not a surgeon, a scientist, a CEO, or a Nobel Prize winner. What I want out of life is to live simply, honestly, and humbly.... In my heart, I feel like this is a worthy way to spend my time in this world. But there will always be a small piece of me that finds fault with my aversion to ambition—a little voice that tells me I am wasting what I have been given, that what I am is not enough.

Gimmie Some More…Cookies! – The Cookie Monster/Busta Rhymes edit you didn’t know you needed.

Mostly this is an excuse to repost Bert and Ernie - Ante Up