Links For June 17, 2015

Remarks by the First Lady at Tuskegee University Commencement Address

And at the end of the day, by staying true to the me I’ve always known, I found that this journey has been incredibly freeing. Because no matter what happened, I had the peace of mind of knowing that all of the chatter, the name calling, the doubting – all of it was just noise. It did not define me. It didn’t change who I was. And most importantly, it couldn’t hold me back. I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values – and follow my own moral compass – then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.

Asians Art Museum | Where Asian still means Oriental

The Asians Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the finest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Oriental art. But we are more than just an art museum–we are your ticket to cultural tourism. Here you can travel back to yet another time of ancient wisdom and mysterious traditions, part the veil on yet another elegant world of sacred passions and curious desires, visit one more stop along a seemingly endless tour of exotic sameness called Orientalism.

How Mountain Dew Came to Perpetuate a Deep-Seated Appalachian Stereotype

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, Mountain Dew (and its diet counterpart, my beverage of choice) was an omnipresent force, its signature emerald-tinged, translucent 20-ounce bottles filling up coolers at backyard barbecues and littering the weed-lined backroads.... It was not a novelty, not an ironic goof—just simply a way of life. When I moved away from home, it became very clear that I should be ashamed of drinking Diet Mountain Dew.... Even today when I discuss drinking it in public, people look at me incredulously as if waiting for a punchline.

A “No to” Poem

I think this poem is fascinating today but I think it will also be fascinating 85 years from now, to one or more people, after many of the things to which it refers— the reading series, the people and places — cease to exist. It will define something specific about this moment in history. I doubt that 85 years will eradicate the cultural need for feminism, activism, or poetry. So this poem will help people understand how things have changed, or not, in the year 2100. They will be able to compare it to things that came before and to things that followed and know something about how things change in general.

483 Lines

The artwork 483 lines magnifies this analogue video picture until it is 16 meters wide, and then folds this image several times so that it fits vertically into the gallery space, therein adding oscillations of depth into the image which can be activated by ‘tuning’ the projected video to match these waves. At this scale, each line of video can be individually inspected as its own agent beyond its contribution to the total image.