Links For June 16, 2015

Ornette Coleman, Saxophonist Who Rewrote the Language of Jazz, Dies at 85

Ornette Coleman, the alto saxophonist and composer who was one of the most powerful and contentious innovators in the history of jazz, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 85.

Christopher Lee Dies at 93; Actor Breathed Life Into Nightmarish Villains

Christopher Lee, the physically towering British movie actor who lent his distinguished good looks, Shakespearean voice and aristocratic presence to a gallery of villains, from a seductive Count Dracula to a dreaded wizard in “The Lord of the Rings,” died on Sunday in London. He was 93.

The Cup Of Coffee Club: The Ballplayers Who Got Only One Game

Of the 17,808 players (and counting) who’ve run up the dugout steps and onto a Major League field, only 974 have had one-game careers. In baseball parlance, these single-gamers are known as “Cup of Coffee” players.... The Cup of Coffee club is filled exclusively with people who do not want to be members.

The Headlands Gamble

The Headlands Gamble is an extraordinary weekend trip for two with a thrilling storyline woven through it. You and a partner will be the detectives in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style mystery set amidst some of the most beautiful locations in the North Bay.

Goldsmiths PhD honoured at Prix Ars Electronica for ‘YouTube Smash Up’

Each week, the Number 1 video of the week is resynthesized using a computational algorithm matching its sonic and visual content to material only from the remaining Top 10 videos. This other material is then re-assembled to look and sound like the Number 1 video. The process does not copy the file, but synthesizes it as a collage of fragments segmented from entirely different material.