Links for June 9, 2016

Obama signs bill removing “Oriental” from federal laws

H.R.4238, sponsored by Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY), aimed to “modernize” two references to “Orientals” and “Negros” in the U.S. Code governing public health, social welfare and civil rights, dating back to the 1970s. The words will be replaced with “Asian Americans” and “African Americans,” respectively.

Get in the Picture: My Adventures in Correcting Yellowface

It was also one of the most challenging photos to shoot. One, because it’s Katharine Hepburn and I didn’t want to disrespect the queen may she rest in peace. And two, trying to recreate one of our greatest actors’ expressions while that actress’s face has been tampered with is just some crazy gymnastics. I really got into my head here and it wasn’t pretty. I considered calling this post Wictor Wictoria because it occurred to me that I was an Asian woman trying to be a white woman trying to be an Asian woman.

Dumbfoundead - SAFE

Awkwafina x Margaret Cho - GREEN TEA