Links for June 8, 2018

How Judea Pearl Became One of AI’s Sharpest Critics

Judea Pearl helped artificial intelligence gain a strong grasp on probability, but laments that it still can’t compute cause and effect.

20 Years On: Autechre’s Tri Repetae Revisited

Despite its rather overstated industrial characteristics, in retrospect Tri Repetae is most notable for its melodic qualities. Yes, there’s plenty of crash and bang and scrape, but the stuttering arpeggios of ‘Clipper’ and the warm pads commingling with one another over the Bambaataa beats of ‘Eutow’. The percussive clutter of ‘C/Pach’ depends on the soft synthesizer touches to achieve such evocative listening. Those who want noise can go find noise, but the inherent appeal of this beauteous music lies in its ability to make us feel something in spite of the noise.