Links For June 7, 2015

What I Learned About America at a Las Vegas Monster Truck Show

After several meandering hours of this, I am exhausted. The pervasive smell of something—The battalion of porta-potties? The foot-long corn dogs? The methanol?—is making me nauseous. I find Liz sitting down on the ground, taking refuge in the shade of the chocolate-covered frozen banana stand. We sit in silence for a few minutes while “Blurred Lines” blasts for what feels like the tenth time today. “I’m very unhappy,” Liz finally confesses.

Volvo says horrible ‘self-parking car accident’ happened because driver didn’t have ‘pedestrian detection’

The main issue, said Larsson, is that it appears that the people who bought this Volvo did not pay for the “Pedestrian detection functionality,” which is a feature that costs more money.

The 'We're All Going to Die' Candidate

I would like to be the extreme voice on the other side. No one on the left is willing to be as extreme as climate deniers are, and I think that is a failure of the climate realist. Given that I have no desire to have a future in politics, I’d be more than willing to torch my political career to do that.

How Mad Max: Fury Road lured Oscar winner John Seale back behind the camera

Yeah. And the thing is that if you go into statistics on the post in the movie, you’ll find that something like 50 or 60 percent of the film is not running at 24 frames a second, which is the traditional frame rate. It’ll be running below 24 frames because George, if he couldn’t understand what was happening in the shot, he slowed it down until you could, or he lengthened it two or three frames. Or if it was too well understood, he’d shorten it or he’d speed it up back towards 24. His manipulation of every shot in that movie is intense. It was a real eye-opener to me after 45 films in 40 years or something, that George has had this boldness to do what he researched in his mind and thought about and analyzed what an action film should be

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