Links For June 5, 2015

a subtlemob, like an invisible flashmob, like being in a film

A subtlemob is an invisible flashmob, it integrates with the beauty of the everyday world, so only its participants are aware of it. It’s like walking through a film. It is experienced on headphones, and it is performed by you and hundreds of strangers.... Different MP3 files are distributed to different audience groups, so while some perform simple actions, the others hear stories about these actions, so that everywhere they look the stories come alive in the world around them.

Georges Perec – Exhausting a Place

Rather than describing impressive or notable things such as the architecture, he describes all the things that usually pass unnoticed.... Georges Perec is what one might call a contra-flâneur; he sits still and observes as the world moves by. Incidentally, the numbers that he lists are the numbers of the buses that pass and, as I could see for myself the other day, buses with the same numbers still pass.

Go Game: Team Building 2.0

There are a wide range of prospective challenges that Go Game runs. Many of the experiences have a “high tech scavenger hunt” feel. Its classic games include location-based missions, secret agent missions, head-to-head challenges between teams, creative photo or video submissions that are judged for prizes, and trivia questions. Often, a challenge will have a guiding theme that’s relevant to the company.

Ex-Anthrax Guitarist Turned Master Watchmaker Designs an Ergonomic Workbench

Dan Spitz was Anthrax’s co-founder and lead guitarist since the early ’80s, and when he quit in 1995, it was a bit of a shock.... Spitz, after leaving the band, began studying both micro-mechanical engineering and micro-electrical engineering, with the goal of becoming a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker.

Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices