Links For June 4, 2015

The Guerrilla Girls: 30 years of punking art world sexism

“They wear out,” says Kahlo.

“But there’s so few choices,” says Agha.

“It used to be better,” says Kollwitz and sighs. “I guess it’s not a big Halloween thing any more.”

CTO Megan Smith explains how women in tech are erased from history

Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Megan Smith, stopped by the Charlie Rose show recently and revealed a starting fact: Although four women worked on the Macintosh team in the 1980s, not a single one was cast in the 2013 biopic Jobs with Ashton Kutcher. Even worse, all seven men who worked on the project had speaking roles in the film.

Entertainment Geekly: The Black Widow Conundrum

But if we’re being a bit pedantic about the definition of “superhero”—derives from a comic book, has a codename, wears a trademark costume, hangs out with a superteam—then Black Widow reigns supreme. This is either exciting or disappointing. Exciting, because Black Widow has stolen two or three movies from more powerful/more famous/more male teammates. Disappointing, because Black Widow can only steal movies, because Marvel isn’t making a movie called Black Widow.

The Secret History of Ultimate Marvel

The history of Ultimate Marvel is, in a way, a story about warring approaches to a reboot: Bendis’s and Millar’s. Bendis wanted to polish the old archetypes; Millar wanted to aggressively critique them. Bendis sought timeless stories; Millar craved biting contemporary political critique. Bendis was looking to inspire; Millar aimed to disquiet.

Squarepusher’s new music video guides viewers through a dystopic VR universe

Marshmallow Laser Feast, animation studio Blue Zoo and illustrator Rob Pybus have created a new VR video for Squarepusher track Stor Eiglass, which guides viewers through a surreal illustrated dystopia. We spoke to BlueZoo about making the video, which can also be viewed on Google Cardboard and as a 360-degree video on YouTube…