Links for June 3, 2016

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is pure, joyful cinema

And none of that plot stuff matters half so much as Spock saying, nonchalant: “I feel fine.” To feel “fine” is not to feel “perfect” or even “happy,” does not imply tremendous success nor some massive personal change. To feel “fine” in The Voyage Home is to be aware of your place in the great scheme of existence, content in your place among your fellow creatures.... The Voyage Home needed Nimoy, a thoughtful man with a sense of humor, a leader who loved his people, and loved people in general, and damn it, who loved the whales, and Earth, and the Golden Gate Bridge, and the nightmare intersection where Columbus and Kearny and Jackson hit each other right in front of the Zoetrope Building.

‘Jane The Virgin’ Narrator Anthony Mendez Had To Leave The Family Business To Find His Voice

“You heard everyone in the room talking about, ‘What accent is that?’ where they had never heard someone in voice-over who had an urban, Latino, New York, New Jersey mixture.... So in his makeshift studio, in the bedroom he shares with his wife, recording out of a small closet that’s lined with board games and books to absorb the sound, he created a workout he calls VO 90 X — like boot camp for your voice — with which he spent 30 minutes daily for 90 days, intensely working on sounds.

The Pitch Meeting for Animaniacs

EXEC #1: How will kids feel when they watch this show?

THE ANIMATOR: Disconcerted. Unmoored. Hyper-stimulated. Amused to the point of terror.

EXEC #2: Oh good. Don’t want my nine-year-old daughter to feel too…moored.

THE ANIMATOR: Nine-year-old daughter? Her loyalties will lie with Dot, as they must in a tooniverse starved for female heroes, though her personality will be closest to Yakko’s and in her heart of hearts she’ll cherish Wakko. She won’t want to admit it, as everybody loves a Wakko and a Wakko she will never be.