Links For June 1, 2015

The Henry-Dong polarity: The changing face of Asian male leads on TV

On one hand, Dong, with his heavy Vietnamese accent, is not just any immigrant, but an about-to-get-his-ass-deported kind of immigrant. His name becomes the butt of many obvious dick jokes. Ironic that Asian dudes get so many dick jokes made about their names (“Wang” being the other big one, no pun intended) but rarely do we see them getting any action. On the other side of that scale is Selfie’s Henry, whose Asian heritage is essentially invisible.... He doesn’t hold a particularly “Asian job” or have particularly “Asian hobbies”; one might even call him whitewashed.

An Analysis of Asian Dudes Getting Some on TV

Not so long ago, a friend and I would scream “Asian!” whenever we saw an Asian actor, anywhere, on TV. I have a distinct memory of freezing the screen the first time I saw Harry Shum Jr. on Glee. Back then, he wasn’t Mike Chang or even “other Asian,” but just a glorified extra who swayed like a tree in the background. Still, I remember noticing him and thinking, Whoa. He is such a babe. Those were heady times, 2009.

On APIA Stories and Why We Need More of Them

Let’s first talk about the fact that this project is even doable: can you imagine someone trying to make a complete list of the books published by white Americans each month? While it might be possible, it certainly would be an unwieldy process. And yet there are months where I go through pages and pages without finding a name that sounds remotely Asian, indicating how few APIAs are published in this country.

Do You Prefer ‘Native American’ or ‘American Indian’? 6 Prominent Voices Respond

This discussion varies in our ever-diverse culture. What I’ve learned is we can discuss this for hours on end but, when all is said and done, we call ourselves what we want because it is our choice. In fact, choice is something we did not have or were able to practice throughout the annals of U.S. history.

Fractal Lab / Fractal Lab 2015 Demo

Fractals are by nature highly detailed and so the smallest change to an input parameter can often result in dramatic differences in the output shape. In order to properly explore the space, I decided to build a new UI, a control system and a new GLSL renderer in WebGL to take advantage of the parallel computing power of the GPU in a web browser.