Links For July 30, 2014

Appreciating the relaxed genius of the late James Garner: Maverick, The Rockford Files & much more

Newman had spent the better part of the previous 20 years trying to establish himself as the most carefree movie star of them all, and here Garner… was acting him off the screen by somehow being even more at ease on camera. It’s one thing to see an actor steal scenes by out-emoting the star, but I’d never seen a supporting player figure out how to out-relax the star.

Anna Kendrick’s Guide to Avoiding Getting Hathaway’d, Before It's Too Late

Like almost every starlet that came before her, Kendrick is about to face a massive backlash. Call it getting Hathaway’d: a celebrity suddenly drowning in social-media hatred due to perceived irksome behavior. It can seem pretty unfair – and, considering it’s usually women who are subject to it, sexist – but such is Hollywood.

How the timeless Hartford Whalers logo came to be

I was bothered by the idea of harpoons anyway because their mascot is a whale. So why would you have a symbol that suggests killing your mascot? That seems contradictory.

GifLinks – Probably not useful, but you never know.

Brian Eno - Windows 95 Sound x23