Links for July 27, 2017

Empathy Prompts

Prompts to consider when making things for others to use.

This project is geared towards anyone involved with making digital products. It is my hope that this reaches both:

  • People who are not necessarily involved in the day-to-day part of the process, but who help shape things like budget, timeline, and scope, and
  • People who work every day to help to give these products shape and form

These prompts are intended to help build empathy, not describe any one person’s experience. These prompts are not intended to tokenize the experience of the individuals experiencing these conditions.

The Evolution of Trust – Game-essay by Nicky Case on game theory, competition, and developing trust.

Turning The Tables: The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women

A New Canon: In Pop Music, Women Belong At The Center Of The Story