Links For July 26, 2015

NASA’s Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter

After a decade-long journey through our solar system, New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto Tuesday [July 14, 2015], about 7,750 miles above the surface – roughly the same distance from New York to Mumbai, India - making it the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth.

NASA releases the final color image of Pluto taken before the flyby

Just minutes before the long-awaited flyby took place at 7:49AM ET, NASA “teased” the final full-frame color image of Pluto set to be released before the event by publishing it on Instagram.

How Bea Arthur Became a Champion for Homeless LGBT Youth

Bea raised $40,000 for us that night. Afterwards she continued to speak about us in interviews, saying that she would do anything in her power to help our kids. Her caring for us was a turning point for the Ali Forney Center. Bea Arthur was show business royalty. That such an icon would stand up for us, would use the power of her celebrity to call attention to the needs of homeless LGBT youth, was invaluable.

As If: A Journey Through the Los Angeles of ‘Clueless’

And it makes some bold, Californian claims true to its Jane Austen origins: that vanity and kindness are not incompatible. That just because a girl is really, really pretty and privileged doesn’t mean she is automatically a bad person or your enemy. That beauty is only skin-deep until you make over your soul. That stories about girls and women are not stupid and unimportant, but vital — and the more specific, the better. And that Los Angeles is not by its nature a superficial or stupid place, that it has its own sort of emotional intelligence that has to be understood on its own terms. One of those major terms is its geography, and Clueless is a sprawling portrait of L.A.’s unique beauty.

Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear.