Links for July 25, 2016

A Brief History of String

Anthropologists still classify string figures as a pastime: something that prevents boredom.... “String figures, once completed, are dissolved within seconds. The wonderful thing about string figures is the process of making them … the feel of the string on your fingers. The kinesthetic sense of making string figures is the same gratification you get from flying a kite; you can feel the tugging of the string—
the motion is what’s pleasurable. There is a sense of tension, and then when you drop loops off your fingers and display the design, you have a sense of release. It’s a very dynamic process.”

The Complete Calendar Plug-In of the World's Fictional Holidays

Anyone can tell you about how many shopping days there are until Christmas, or what costume they’re planning for Halloween, but how many people know when First Contact Day is, or what day of the week the Wookiee Life Day falls on?

Homepage for US

The primary purpose of this site is to provide photos and descriptions of current and historic US highway endpoints, and to provide maps that show each US highway in the context of its “route family”.

squeaky sidewalk.m4v

Irwan and Tita are making a play from the broken sidewalk blocks, an usual condition found on the streets of London. Some of them could be dangerous for pedestrians. By placing a ‘sound effect’ under the block, pedestrians become concerned about the condition, or even for a moment they can feel the excitement to play it.