Links for July 21, 2017

Things that don’t work yet

And crucially, that same electric guitar is also potent in the hands of all those less than a master. Not to overstate it, but it is immediately intuitive and accessible, and then complex over time. The perceived affordances of a guitar or keyboard intrinsically convey how to play them — what parts make a noise, and how — such that one can approach an instrument for the first time and create organised noise within seconds. Frankly, many records have been made shortly afterwards.

29 Bullets – Or, How I learned to stop worrying and love PowerPoint.

In the list of proposed “user benefits”, the culminating line is: “Allows the content-originator to control the presentation”… The term “content-originator” was the best I could devise to mean “business people responsible for thinking up ideas and gaining assent to them”. A word like “executive” or “knowledge worker” sounded too much like a bureaucrat, and that didn’t capture my idea of the people who would most intensely love PowerPoint. A bureaucrat churning out boilerplate doesn’t care that much about the details of quality; but a thinker trying to gain assent to an original idea cares passionately about giving it the best shot possible, because the result makes a real difference to the presenter’s personal and business success.

SOWALL (Finger drumming)