Links for July 14, 2017

“The Universal Silver Platter” at FIGMENT Oakland

Participants were invited to express a need, wish or desire. We asked visitors to fulfil one another’s wishes, and if a single visitor came up, a “U.S.P. Technician” (one of the designers) would draw their wish. Once the wish was represented graphically or with words, the wish grantor would hand the completed wish to the recipient on one of our shiny silver platters.

‘A League of Their Own’ Is an All-Time Great Sports Film

Mae cuts an intimidating outward presence but is a mother hen at heart, brooding in the backseat of the bus, painting Kit’s nails and teaching Shirley Baker to read by sounding out the words “milky white breasts.” Her friendship with Doris might be one of the realest instances of female bonding that I’ve seen in pop culture. (Everyone should strive for one friendship where they are the Doris, and one where they are the Mae.)

Nirvana - January 24th, 1988, RadioShack, Aberdeen, WA (COMPLETE, PREVIOUSLY UNCIRCULATED)