Links for July 7, 2017

How we make a game called Hidden Folks

Funny side-track: when Sylvain and I started working on Hidden Folks about three years ago, he decided to buy a somewhat medium-quality / cost-efficient scanner for the project. When that scanner broke down recently, he used a better scanner for a while only to discover that his digital drawings suddenly looked very different, and so we bought that same low-budget scanner just to make sure all Hidden Folks drawings look consistent.

Magnetic Scrolls Original Games Source Code Recovered!

Here we have possibly the only surviving backup tape of the source code to 30 year old historical game data being put into an oven and baked! Have we gone raving mad? Have we totally lost it? What is this insanity? The dish is: Baked tapes! Done nicely in your normal kitchen oven. Cook at 45C for 8 hours, take them out, wait to cool then server them (in your server, of course) to hopefully make a good source. No, we’re not quite totally crazy (yet). Amazing as it seems, this is the way to restore certain old tape backups. I kid you not.

Wikipedia: The Text Adventure