Links For July 6, 2014

What Is Your Race? For Millions Of Americans, A Shifting Answer

The researchers did find a whole lot of people shifting from Hispanic and “some other race” in 2000 to Hispanic and white in 2010. But as they pointed out to me, a number of respondents went in the opposite direction — from Hispanic and white to Hispanic and “some other race.” In groups in which there was a lot of response change, there was no clear net flowing in one direction over another.... But, importantly, it wasn’t just Latinos who were switching races. Both Native Americans and Native Hawaiians saw lots of movement into new categories. Other groups, like non-Hispanic whites, non-Hispanic blacks, and non-Hispanic Asians, saw some change too, but relatively little.

A Building for Measuring Borders

The “moveable tent or ‘Yolo Buggy,’” as the libraries at UC Berkeley describe it, helped teams of state surveyors perform acts of measurement across the landscape in order to mathematically understand—and, thus, to tax, police, and regulate—the western terrain of the United States. It was a kind of Borgesian parade, a carnival of instruments on the move.

Crossword blog: the unsolved mystery of the D-day puzzles

Ardent solvers will know at once that these are the “D-day crosswords”. For the benefit of newcomers, these are puzzles from 1944 that included among their answers UTAH, OMAHA, OVERLORD, MULBERRY and NEPTUNE, all of which were secret codewords for the Normandy landings, mere days away. An understandably suspicious MI5 interrogated the setter in question, Leonard Dawe.

Let’s Play a Game With the Restoration Hardware Catalog

It follows the rules of the game Balderdash. First, one player looks through the catalog, and chooses an image, placing a sticky note over the description. Then, all other players take a slip of paper or an index card and write down a made-up description for that item.

Max Hughes named Young Australian Designer of the Year for videogame controller for disabled youth

A young South Australian designer has been recognised for his innovative invention, a novel video game controller specifically for kids living with disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

McDonald's rolls out 1.5 billion fry boxes for augmented-reality World Cup video game

The game was rolled out in conjunction with the first-ever redesign of McDonald’s french fry packaging. A dozen artists from around the world were chosen to create new soccer-themed art work for the special boxes. They include designs from Australia, the United States, Russia, South Africa and, of course, Brazil.

The EdTech Failings of Silicon Valley

These models are flawed in: 1) the lack of applicability / acceptability of B2C ad-supported and freemium social web apps; 2) General Enterprise SaaS (i.e., ERP, CRM) will outdraw eLearning SaaS for top engineering and sales talent; 3) an over-reliance upon often over-engineered product and a general disdain for services revenue; and 4) an over-investment (given all that engineering) relative to typical industry exit opportunities.