Links For July 3, 2014


“Visites Possibles explores the possibilities of creating 3D environments based on video images generated only by electronic signals.... Consequently, the lateral scrolling of the image controls the visit, both spatially and time-wise. It also creates a sense of spatial continuity, which contrasts with the constant morphing of the space, changing into different configurations, without following any physical logic.

Europa Europa and The Knife – För alla namn vi inte får använda

ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically - YouTube

What’s On Tonight (Jun 27, 2014) – Todd VanDerWerff leaves the A.V. Club in a blaze of glory.

Nina Persson - "Food For The Beast" on Vimeo

Why Not 10 & a Half Minutes Of Double Dare Prizes

Sam Smith "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston Cover