Links for January 27, 2016

Fabulous Beasts - a new kind of game by Sensible Object

We’re lucky to have the backing and support of some fantastic people from the games and hardware industries. But what we’re trying to do is something that’s rarely been done before. Companies who make games that bridge physical and digital are mostly ginormous multinational corporations. We’ve got a refined, award-winning prototype and we’ve built out a manufacturing plan with experienced partners in Hong Kong and China. The fastest way for us to carry out that plan is with your support.

The Ice-Bound Concordance

A full-color 80-page art book filled with Kris Holmquist’s personal files, unfinished chapters and alternate drafts, collages of research, and strange, distorted transmissions. When viewed through the game’s camera, the pages change, revealing a new layer of story and changing how the game’s narrative unfolds.

Bloxels Mixes Physical Toys with Digital Games and a Dash of Education

Pixel Press’ newest maker experience bridges the gap between the hands-on creative experience and the digital space, picking up where its product Floors left off. Place the colored blocks onto a non-electronic board, snap a pic, and upload your creation to the Bloxels Builder App. Each color corresponds to a different game element – such as coins, terrain, enemy characters and more – and once your game has been created, it can be played and shared online.