Links for January 23, 2016

For Some Atlanta Hawks, a Revved-Up Game of Uno Is Diversion No. 1

It all started innocently enough when Jeff Teague, the starting point guard, brought a deck of Uno cards on a trip last season. He gradually recruited several teammates.... They soon wanted to spice things up. So Bazemore and Schroder hatched the idea of adding some of the more notorious cards from at least two other decks — all the Draw 2s, Wild Draw 4s, Reverses and Skips. The players referred to the extra cards as “heat.” The game was born anew.

Britt Robson interviews Minnesota Timberwolves Sam Mitchell: Part 1, Part 2 – Long, extremely in-depth conversation on the way Mitchell is developing the Wolves’ young players.

First X, Then Y, Now Z : Landmark Thematic Maps

On this website, you will find early, if not the earliest, thematic maps in various disciplines; in some cases the maps literally changed the world in the sense that new scientific avenues of investigation resulted. An obvious example of this would be German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt’s isotherms map (1817), which showed contour lines of equal temperature—seemingly innocuous when it first appeared in a small journal but revolutionary in nature and infinitely useful since. Think of its application to the current global warming debate, almost two hundred years later.