Links for January 21, 2016

The not-so-secret history of comics drawn by women

This week the largest comics festival in France announced its 30 nominees for what many consider the most prestigious prize in comics, the Grand Prix. Not one nominee was a woman.... Inspired by the French group BD Égalité, or Women in Comics Collective Against Sexism, 12 nominees dropped out of consideration, among them Daniel Clowes, Riad Sattouf, Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Ware.

‘East Los High’ Isn’t Just A Soapy Teen Drama — It’s Also A Science Experiment

“We got a small amount of money to create a show that would serve this very underserved audience, and would address issues like sex, sexual health and relationships,” says [exec producer Katie Elmore] Mota. And to make sure the show was being sensitive and nonjudgmental about sex, she asked community health workers at organizations like Planned Parenthood and the National Domestic Abuse Hotline to weigh in.... As for bringing the drama, Mota reached out to writers Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya, who had worked on both telenovelas and American TV shows.... Their target audience was Latinas in their late teens and early 20s, says Mota, but “the basic storylines of love and betrayal are universal.”

The Life of Poo

The San Francisco sewer system is an amazing feat of engineering. Almost entirely gravity-run, it directs both stormwater and wastewater into a combined system of pipes that flow to wastewater treatment facilities. In the Life of Poo, you can type in an address in San Francisco and see where your toilet waste flows. This is an accurate but simplified map of the sewer system.

Memories of Murder (2003) - Ensemble Staging in Every Frame a Painting