Links For January 19, 2014

Reading and Hypothesis – Deep critique of Gone Home by Emily Short.

One may form hypotheses about the relationships between the people in the house, why they are absent now, and where they have gone. But there is nothing the player can do that can either ask additional questions about these issues or hazard a guess at the answer. The exploration can’t be directed by the player in such a way that it elicits more information of the kind the player is most interested in; it can only be performed systematically and with a greater or lesser degree of thoroughness.

Scientists find secret to writing a best-selling novel

A technique called statistical stylometry, which mathematically examines the use of words and grammar, was found to be “surprisingly effective” in determining how popular a book would be.... It was found that the predictions matched the actual popularity of the book 84 per cent of the time.

The Male Gazed

Technology’s power disparities, which have allowed companies like Facebook to make the male gaze virtual and massively profitable, have long been visible to those of us who don’t control it. Technology has been a site of politics all along - it’s just that now, with revelations around NSA surveillance, those politics are becoming palpable to technical men who have become subject to the technologies they once singularly controlled.

Leaning In Isn’t The Answer

Being told to “lean in” by itself is not useful. Instead, women need to come together and demand that we are given the flexibility to excel in our jobs; to admit that we have kids and not hide that fact in fear that it will stunt our career opportunities; to occasionally bring a child into the office to quietly do homework on a day when school is out or daycare is unavailable.

Target hackers have more data than they can sell

World’s oldest times table found in bamboo strips