Links For January 15, 2014

R.B.I. Baseball 14 coming spring 2014 on consoles, mobile devices – and it’s being produced by MLB Advanced Media, rather than licensed out to a publisher. Y’know, in case you thought the term “video game industry” still had any meaning.

How Can Developers Make Meaningful Learning Games for Classrooms?

But if developers want games used in classrooms, they must be responsive to teachers. “When we integrated teachers directly into the design process and asked them to help us address some of the misperceptions about fractions, they pointed us in the direction of a game where you just mess around with fractions a whole bunch,” White said. The final product had little narrative and no complex graphics to get in the way of the goal.

What Do Parents Really Think of Video Games?

This survey ties back to the focus groups by recognizing that parents today grew up playing video games themselves and that their histories and relationships with video games essentially impact their parenting practices around video games. This focus is unlike past surveys that have typically focused on adults separately from children, or asked parents about their children’s gameplay rather than their own. The survey also serves to help us understand parents’ attitudes and practices around video game play and how it varies across demographics such as children’s ages, family structure, location, etc.

Anatomy of a collapse: How the Magic lost a 10-point lead with 94 seconds left to the Kyrie-less Cavs

1:04: Davis gets back to the foul line after diving to the rim off a right-side pick-and-roll with Afflalo. He hits the first, but misses the second, which Varejao rebounds to give the Cavs the ball down nine. Cleveland win probability: 0.0 percent. At this point, the math said the game was for all intents and purposes over.

The iPad-mounted Structure Sensor 3D scanner turns your world into a video game