Links for January 14, 2016

Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow found guilty

the federal court jury in San Francisco found Chow guilty on all charges: conspiracy to operate a century-old community organization as a racketeering enterprise, murdering its previous leader, conspiring to try to murder another rival, five counts of dealing in stolen liquor and cigarettes, and 154 counts of money-laundering.... The jury evidently credited the testimony of undercover agents led by “Dave Jordan,” the alias used by an agent, who posed as an East Coast businessman with mob ties and as a devoted admirer of Chow, during three years of secretly recorded conversations. Other clandestine recordings, in which Chow appeared to express hostility to rivals Allen Leung and Jim Tat Kong, bolstered his co-defendants’ testimony that he had ordered their murders,

Blending Modes Demystified

One of the latest capabilities to fall into the hands of web designers is image processing with blending modes. Blending modes allow us to easily create colorization and texturization and apply other special effects without having to crack open an image editor.... Instead, graphics can be neatly specified, maintained, and manipulated with a few CSS declarations.

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