Links For January 8, 2014

A breakdown of 2013’s most fascinating video game moment

Before his famous Eggplant run, Bananasaurus Rex made a name for himself with his world-record Spelunky speed runs. His speed runs are unreal. He can beat Olmec in ~2:13 and Hell in ~5:18. That might sound like gobbledygook to you, but to someone who’s played Spelunky, those times aren’t just impressive — they’re superhuman. They’re like the four-minute mile of video games. And watching Rex use the Teleporter, one of the game’s most lethal tools, is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball with a bomb, successfully.

Where will we live?: The Housing Disaster

In other words, since Thatcher, the British government has done the exact opposite of what it has encouraged households to do: to buy their own homes, rather than renting. Thatcher and her successors have done all they can to sell off the nation’s bricks and mortar, only to be forced to rent it back, at inflated prices, from the people they sold it to. Before Right to Buy, the government spent a pound on building homes for every pound it spent on rent subsidies. Now, for every pound it spends on housing benefit, it puts five pence towards building.

Hey Hey Hey! Historian Draws Attention To ’70s Black Animation Art : Code Switch : NPR

“Their stories were like your stories, their experiences were like your experience,” says Thomas, who has a black history degree from The City College of New York. “Bill Cosby’s cartoon was so groundbreaking, it just dealt with so many issues — smoking, cheating in school, playing hooky, divorce, what happens when you steal from others. You don’t realize it when you’re watching it that you’re getting all of these messages in a form that children can understand.”

National Geographic confirms George Brett photo was Lorde’s inspiration

Rock-afire: Pop Lock and Drop It