Links for January 6, 2017

The story behind The New York Times’ largest and most ambitious crossword puzzle

The print-only aspect of this is very unusual, for a big media brand to produce anything that is print-only is unusual. Part of the whole idea behind these print sections we’re doing is to explore the uses of print. We would never say that print is superior to other platforms in all cases, but we want to think about what does work better in print or has unique qualities in print.

Fifa: the video game that changed football

As EA continues its quest for greater and greater realism, Matt Prior’s eagerness to make Fifa “indistinguishable” from real-world football may seem like a logical, if distant, objective. But to those who follow the game closely, it is something of a mirage. Most years, Fifa swings between a more simulation-based approach – with keenly realistic physics that generally allow for fewer goals – and a more impressionistic, playful take, in which it is easier to score screamers from 30 yards, and matches can finish with double-digit scores. Each direction has its supporters and detractors. “That’s the eternal balancing act,” says Prior. “Some people like it sim-based and defensive. Others want to jump in and see huge scorelines. There’s no perfect answer.”

KLF 01 01 2017 WTF FOUND VHS [not available on mobile devices - VIEW ON PC/MAC]

KLF Announce Return After 23 Year Absence