Links for January 6, 2016

How Players Revived Star Wars Galaxies And EverQuest

But SWG Reborn exists in a whole new legal realm compared to other emulator projects because SWG Reborn isn’t technically an emulator at all. Aconite tells me that back in 2013, several members of another server left the team after having contact with a former Sony Online Entertainment employee and formed a new project called SWG Reveniens. This employee, whose identity has been kept a secret, had stolen a 2010 version of Galaxies’ source code for the game server, client, and tools. Due to infighting in the group, a somewhat mangled version of the source code was eventually leaked to the public a year later.

Why do you play Solitaire Board Games? (or play board games solo?)

Some players just need some alone time, and introverts can be more themselves playing solo games. Playing a solitaire game means not having to teach the rules to others, and there is no needless distraction of arguments about rules, cell phone breaks, pack up time, etc.

Professor discovers only known audio recording of James Naismith

The interview of Naismith was on the radio program “We the People,” hosted by Gabriel Heatter in New York, on Jan. 31, 1939. In the roughly three-minute clip, Naismith discusses setting up the first basketball game with two peach baskets in a gymnasium at the International YMCA Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts, in December 1891. Naismith’s description of the roughhousing among 18 players in the first game sheds new light on the creative process that led him to draft the 13 original rules of the game, said Zogry.