Links for January 4, 2017

The jig is up: Behind the yearslong reveal of Frog Fractions 2

Erica Newman: I directed the closing two months of the ARG. I worked with two puzzle designers, Justin Melvin (Firetruck) and Micah Edwards (Baron Mind) to write and test puzzles. I also made trippy entomological art (including a Bug Mars version of Humans of New York on Facebook) and Russian hacker videos, I wrote long letters for melancholic characters and placed them in the world, hired 3D-print artist Matt Bagshaw to create our commemorative trophy, and organized six musicians to write and perform new pieces of music for the ARG.

We recut all 10 hours of ‘Westworld’ into a single, chronological timeline

During the time we were recording the podcast, one of the editors here began a project in secret that would become something of a legend internally: a completely chronological re-edit of the whole show, based on the timeline which was eventually revealed in the final episodes.

Solange: "Rise"/"Weary" Medley