Links for January 4, 2016

The Real State of Learning Game Funding

Grants have also taken on added importance.... The Department of Education now funds games, as does the National Endowment for the Arts, National Institutes of Health, and a whole host of other government agencies.... Corporations now outspend primary schools on game-based learning, putting dollars into technology they assume will help their bottom line. These firms have also found games useful in recruitment and advertising.


Kids develop, grow and better prepare through outdoor play-based learning classes and activities. We believe that independent exploration and well-designed play-based activities are the keys to developing a host of important capabilities, including self reliance, creativity, leadership and problem solving. Our expert-designed classes and activities help kids ages 18 months—8 years learn and develop the skills that matter most, while enjoying fun, engaging experiences in the physical freedom of local green spaces.

‘Heathers’ style: a fashion analysis of the ’80s teen movie

Notice the similarities in all the girls: their broad-shouldered menswear-style jackets; their collared shirts buttoned all the way to the neck; the brooches several of them sport. The three Heathers will all rigidly adhere to these style motifs through the rest of the film. While all of these elements were very much on trend for the late ’80s, these girls are dressing rather precociously on some level. As we noted, their styles owe as much to ’80s ladies executive wear as they do to teenage trends.