Links for January 2, 2016

After 2489 Days, Noby Noby Boy Has Been "Finished"

Keita Takahashi’s Noby Noby Boy was first released in February 2009. After 2489 days of players stretching across the Solar System, the game has now finally come to an end.

Décoloniser Catan Postcolonial Catan

This can be explained without resorting to some western fantasy or complex, only with simple game system necessities. In most development games, players start from scratch – two settlements and roads on Catan – and slowly build their production engine, competing with each other. The appeal of these games, and the original appeal of Settlers of Catan because it was something relatively new in 1993, is that they are not about war but about peaceful competition in designing this engine.

The Dumpling Emoji Project

Dumplings are a seemingly universal food, popular throughout the world’s cultures. Poland has pierogi. Nepal has momos. Russia has pelmeni. Japan has gyoza. Italy has ravioli. Georgia has khinkali. Korea has mandoo. Argentina has empanadas. Jews have kreplach. China has potstickers. Yet there is no dumpling emoji. There are, however, emojis for pizza, hamburgers and tacos (which Taco Bell likes to take credit for). Even sushi. What gives?

Episode 1: The Glorious Cause
Episode 2: The Coruscant Revolution
Episode 3: The Clone Wars – Mashing up the Star Wars prequel trilogy with the American and French revolutions.