It takes two

Augmented reality glasses are the new black: Meta and CastAR would like to offer you some personal holograms.

Defenses of art/media criticism in general (from Simon Price) and game criticism specifically (from Tevis Thompson).

Eileen Pollack on women (and the lack thereof) in science:

Not even the math professor who supervised my senior thesis urged me to go on for a Ph.D. I had spent nine months missing parties, skipping dinners and losing sleep, trying to figure out why waves — of sound, of light, of anything — travel in a spherical shell, like the skin of a balloon, in any odd-dimensional space, but like a solid bowling ball in any space of even dimension. When at last I found the answer, I knocked triumphantly at my adviser’s door. Yet I don’t remember him praising me in any way. I was dying to ask if my ability to solve the problem meant that I was good enough to make it as a theoretical physicist. But I knew that if I needed to ask, I wasn’t.

Shanley takes the gloves off.

Technology is an objectively homogeneous and sexist industry where the participation and advancement of women is not only stalled but empirically receding, where very few women are in positions of power, where there are regular, public incidents of sexism and assault, where arguments of gender essentialism are common, where most conference speakers are men, and where women are leaving the industry at over double the rate of men. If you deny sexism in tech, you’re either ignorant or a fucking liar. Neither is acceptable.

Two appreciations of Big Night, from AV Club and The Dissolve.