IndieCade Linkdump

I was at IndieCade 2013 this weekend. (So was the New York Times.) Just like last year, the festival was chock full of nice people making and playing fascinating games. Unlike last year, I didn’t have a game in the show, so I actually had time to walk around and look at things. Here are some things at which I looked:

Word Games++: Alphabet City, Word Realms.

Card games that play around with truth and dares: These French Fries are Terrible Hot Dogs, Stranger Danger, Toy Chest.

Games that are about space but are not “space games:” Extrasolar, Constellation.

Killer Queen got its start as a field game, but is now a two-cabinet, ten-player arcade beatdown.

Ephemerid, a rhythm game disguised as a graphic adventure.

Other was unplayable at the festival because it’s site specific, and the site is Dundee, Scotland. That just makes me more interested, of course.

Ming Mecca is a game machine controlled by modular synths.

Ming Mecca

While the games were wonderful, the most amazing thing I experienced over the weekend was the James Turrell exhibit at LACMA. Turrell’s installations play with light and space to completely envelop the visitor. There were a number of Oculus Rift rigs at IndieCade that attempted deep immersion, but none of them could compare to the sensation of physically stepping into a space defined by pure color.