Found and Lost

We never even got used to being called “Generation X.” How are we supposed to handle 90s nostalgia?

Many people’s first reaction is to cry “too soon!” — a hopeless protest against the brute fact that we are now, 20 years later, as far in time from Nirvana as the grunge bands were from their retro inspirations like Black Sabbath. The fact that this feels like an eye blink only testifies to how the brain’s internal clock gums up with age, so that whole years now generate fewer novel memories than once might have been sparked by a single sweaty night in a mosh pit. Remember: Most kids who entered college this year weren’t even born when grunge broke. If it’s too soon, you’re too old.

San Francisco burrito reviewers Burritoeater are hanging up their moustaches after ten years. When I was moving to SF, this is the site that I leaned on to help me find what was really important.

The Onion is shutting down the last of its print operations. In college, we had a rule that anyone driving through Madision on their way up to Northfield had to grab as many copies as they could to pass around.

Prince isn’t just an amazing performer and all-time great songwriter, he’s an object of obsession. But you knew that already.

Stephen Bowie of The Classic TV History Blog discusses watching bad TV to find the small gems hidden within them.

Sometimes good actors (or good directors or even good writers) end up doing good work within a canvas that is, on the whole, risible. That is the case with [Jeff] Perry and a few others (especially Tony Goldwyn and Debra Mooney) in Scandal, but it’s also worth noting that the very stupidity of the show may be the factor that makes Perry’s spine-tingling work possible. Subtlety is completely unknown in Scandal, and therefore it has room for Perry to scale his work all the way over the top without wrecking the thing and making a fool of himself. Whereas in shows that have brains, actors have to try to impersonate actual human beings.

NASA’s Kepler Probe has discovered 3500 planets in other solar systems, 100 or so in orbits that would allow water to form.

Vaporwave is a new micro-genre that involves 80s hits (or “hits”) chopped and screwed into something very… teal and salmon. Pairs nicely with the Palm & Laser tumblr.