First Post

I used to have a blog. I had it for ten years, in fact. I shut it down early in 2013 because I was only posting three or four times a year, and it wasn’t worth the hassle of keeping Wordpress up and running when most of those posts were little more than apologies about not posting more often.

I also used to have a Delicious account that I used as a database for all my bookmarks. One of the nice things about Delicious was that I was able to feed a daily digest of links into my blog, which was a nice way to keep it going when I wasn’t posting. In fact, for most of the (very few) people reading my blog, the links were what they came for. But Delicious went through a lot of changes, and at some point I stopped using it, letting the bookmarks (and the starred RSS reader entries, and the Instapaper links) pile up.

I don’t miss having a blog — the pressure to write, the comments, the publishiness of it all — but I do miss having someplace to put a daily digest of links, with or without some notes or random pullquotes.

So here we are.