Links for February 26, 2018

Project Horseshoe 2017: Group Report: Coziness in Games: An Exploration of Safety, Softness, and Satisfied Needs

Newer models such as Tend and Befriend or Self Determination Theory describe a broader, more diverse set of player behaviors and motivations. We are also realizing that not all people go through life as if they are rats reacting to electric shocks. Contemporary psychology is rediscovering the benefits of rich, contemplative environment that lets humans thrive.

Obama White House CTO Megan Smith believes in “radical inclusion”

Senior people who have a lot of access or agency can help give cover for new emerging ideas to move forward—including them as coaches can help. I try to do this for others when I can, and appreciate when people do this for me. I sometimes call them the “Obi-Wan/Leias” who have great expertise in making things happen, can bring quick insights and empowerment, and can help remove roadblocks.

Star Rider (1983)