Links for February 20, 2017

Sifteo – Resurrecting a Legend – It still lives on! Kind-of-but-not-really.

Just for the record, I have seen prices of over $1000 for a set when I first looked last year. However, [has] much more affordable sales that come and go; right now (February 2017) there are quite a few on sale, for example. I’ve been lucky enough not to pay too much for my own cubes. But (and it’s a big BUT, I cannot lie) you don’t NEED the physical product to enjoy the games. That is what this page is for 🙂

Dearest Jane Fans

It was also a decision made very early on, when I thought about our story as a whole. And even in season one, I knew it would be a hard thing to actually do, which is why there was a line… Honestly, I put that line into the script at the last minute to hold our feet to the fire, to make sure we went through with it.

Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music by Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (1968)

Haack introduces Rogers and a group of youngsters to the “musical computer,” a homemade analog synthesizer of his own invention—one of many he created from household items, most of which integrated human touch and movement into their controls, as you’ll see above. In both clips, Haack and longtime collaborator Esther Nelson sing and play charming songs as Nelson leads them in various movement exercises.