Links For February 10, 2014

N.F.L. Prospect Michael Sam Proudly Says What Teammates Knew: He’s Gay

[Michael] Sam enters an uncharted area of the sports landscape. He is making his public declaration before he is drafted, to the potential detriment to his professional career. And he is doing so as he prepares to enter a league with an overtly macho culture, where controversies over homophobia have attracted recent attention.... Mr. Sam, 24, is projected to be chosen in the early rounds of the N.F.L. draft in May, ordinarily a path to a prosperous pro career. He said he decided to come out publicly now because he sensed that rumors were circulating.

'The eagle has landed': The exclusive behind-the-scenes story of how NFL prospect Michael Sam came out

Waiting even that long — two weeks — was a risk, but it was a risk that had to be taken. The story had the potential to be the biggest sports story of the year. This wasn’t an active player on the Denver Broncos coming out that affected one team — this was a player who could be drafted by any of the 32 teams. It affected the entire nation, every locker room, every front office, every sports talk show, every sports blog.... The story would be a marathon, but the timing of the first step was crucial.

Someone sent death threats to a 5-year-old Disney star after her show featured lesbians

On January 26, the Disney Channel made a gentle stride into a more progressive era by featuring its first-ever same-sex couple on an episode of Good Luck Charlie, introducing two lesbian moms who bring their child over for a playdate, then show everyone they’re just like normal parents by not scissoring or establishing a golf pro shop in front of the kids.... Now police are investigating some voices who have been making death threats aimed at the show’s star, Mia Talerico. By the way, Mia Talerico is 5 years old.

How a transgender “foreign hope” is challenging the pro StarCraft world

Scarlett didn’t choose her gender, and in a strange way, she didn’t exactly choose StarCraft. She never had aspirations to play games professionally. As a young high school student, it was a hobby that she dabbled in. But after entering a few online tournaments for fun in early 2011, she found herself winning a lot of matches without much effort. The professional career fell into place from there.

Being Trans in the Tech Industry

The first thing I began to realize, was that my name “Brook,” already meant I was passed over by many companies who were prejudiced against hiring women. This had likely been the case before, but I only noticed it now that I couldn’t easily say “oh, yeah, I’m a guy” to the recruiter or interviewer through my voice and appearance. What was once usually a quick jab at my name, was now a stab to my person. I sat in expensive chairs, being told how to do the job I spent my adulthood performing, usually when the interviewer was a man. When a woman sat across from me, I was usually praised for my experience and skill. It was jarring, especially in contrast to the treatment I received only a few years before, the last time I interviewed for jobs.

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