Links for February 9, 2018

The Awl, 2009-2018

If you’re willing to sacrifice you never have to compromise, and I’m proud to say we did very little compromising over the last nine years. That does unfortunately mean we did a lot of sacrificing, and after a while that becomes unsustainable. The surprise shouldn’t be that The Awl didn’t last, it should be that it lasted as long as it did. And now it’s dead.

New York City, January 30, 2018

That beam thinned as the sun began to descend behind a patch of cloud. Not far below the cloud were the new towers downriver, waiting their turn to shut it off. Sundown proper was colorless and indistinct. There was light, and then it went dark. The children set their alarm: before the next sunrise, they would be up looking for the lunar eclipse.

Major League Baseball’s Statcast Can Break Sabermetrics

But beginning this season, they decided to switch over from Pitchf/x’s cameras to Statcast’s radar.... Pitchf/x and Statcast don’t correlate precisely, though.... This means that Statcast readings will nearly always be faster, and switching from Pitchf/x readings led to some significant changes in basic pitching data. To someone who didn’t know that this change had taken place (which was just about everyone who wasn’t directly affiliated with MLB), it looked like almost every pitcher in the league had experienced a velocity bump of as much as a few miles per hour.

…hoping each time, that his next leap will be the leap home. The complete Quantum Leap journey

A visual representation of Dr Sam Beckett’s entire Quantum Leap journey.