Links for February 5, 2018

How Design for One Turns Into Design for All

The exhibition makes plain why design matters. It points toward a generational change in thinking, not just about designing for difference but about diversity and inclusion. Make a specialty item easier to use — and at the same time, fun, cool and beautiful — and that item may be embraced and used by all. The real issue isn’t disability. It’s choice.

How to Design Motivating Push Notifications

So before you push a notification out to the people using your app, here’s a simple gut check: Ask yourself, “would I send this to someone I care about?” If the answer is, “sure!” then you’re probably not about to accidentally demotivate someone.

What Video Game Subtitling Got Wrong In 2017

Over the last couple of decades, subtitles have become standard in video games. It’s difficult to find even a dozen of PC or console games that came out this year not subtitled. But despite the efforts of some great people — like the ones behind the Game Accessibility Guidelines — the situation is still far from perfect. Many issues remain, robbing players of the best gaming experience. So, I decided to write this article to highlight these issues and remind everyone why some widespread practices have to go.