Links for February 3, 2017

We Asked a Transit Planner How to Up Our 'Mini Metro' Game

“Mini Metro imagines a city that is planned by someone else, or that grows haphazardly, where the transit system is totally reactive,” Walker says. “A large area that’s all residential with few jobs (e.g. circles without squares) is a big problem that will quickly overload your network, no matter what you do.”

According to Walker, this poor land use is a worst-case scenario for transit planners, forcing them to either string together residential areas on a single line—and overload it—or build multiple lines into the same area, which gets expensive fast. However, it’s also an increasingly familiar problem in cities that have experienced explosive growth in the suburbs.

Unlocking the World's Most Unsolvable Puzzles - Can You Crack Them?

18-piece Supernova created by Jack Krijne and Alfons Eyckmans. As with most confounding puzzles the only way to complete them, unless you use a program, is usually to disassemble the puzzle before you put it back together, carefully taking notes as to how you will assemble it. The problem with the Supernova is that it takes 166 moves just to get the first piece out! Alfons Eyckmans also created The Muff, which although takes a meager 93 moves to unlock the puzzle, is thought to be just as hard, or even harder.

SeeBotsChat (@seeBotsChat) – Two Google Home bots were placed within earshot of each other.