Links For February 3, 2015

Katy Perry Was Upstaged at Her Own Halftime Show

But of course Missy Elliott stole the show. As she grinned through a medley of brilliant-before-their-time hits “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control,” something about her effortless cool reminded you how posed and studied Perry can often feel. Still, their egoless collaboration felt perfectly in step with this pop moment, in which women dominate the charts and female duets that rewrite the outdated diva/catfight narrative rule the radio. Missy was known for collaborating with other female artists — which was one of many ways she was ahead of her time, and one of the many reasons why pop music seems perfectly primed for the comeback that last night seemed to forecast.

We’ve Played HoloLens Minecraft: Hands On With Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Headset

There’s something about the HoloLens experience that seems to blur these edges between real and unreal in strange and sometimes exciting ways. Unlike VR headsets, which plunge you wholesale into an immersive and completely different world, the HoloLens feels more like shining a digital spotlight—directed by your gaze—that scrapes away the real world and reveals a new one glimmering underneath it.

Gone Home: A Video Game as a Tool for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

In order to offer some sense of structure to his students’ experience, he created objectives for students around characters and themes.... The goal was to find objects from the time period, from telephone books to VCR tapes to audiocassettes. “Riot Grrrl” subculture from the 1990s — especially as it pertained to the protagonist’s character development in the story — was another topic. The findings of each subtopic were presented to the class as a “visual museum,” via PowerPoint. Students were ultimately assessed on their presentations.

How to make a good puzzle game

“The way I construct a level is very exploratory,” says [Alan] Hazelden. “It’s not dissimilar from the act of solving a puzzle itself. I have some tools that I get to play around with and I have to place them in such a way that it creates an interesting experience. And generally what I do is I lay out some pieces in an aesthetically pleasing fashion and try it and see what comes out of that. The first time is never anything interesting: it’ll be impossible or trivial, but then I’ll react to that and then go, if I add something here then that trivial solution is no longer possible or if I remove that wall then maybe this will become solvable.”

The M.A.D.E. - The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment: Oakland's Videogame Museum

We host free programming classes for kids, playable exhibitions of historically significant works, lectures, tournaments, game development parties and community events. The MADE is a non-profit, 501c3, dedicated to the preservation of videogame history, and to educating the public as to how videogames are created.

The Untold Story Of The Invention Of The Game Cartridge – though what I really want to know is how Fairchild came up with the Channel F’s odd joystick.

Inserting and removing socketed electronic assemblies had, until then, been an activity reserved for trained technicians, engineers, and military personnel. Taking a sensitive circuit board and putting it into the hands of a consumer—who might be prone to stepping on it, dunking it in the toilet, or leaving it baking in the sun—posed a considerable design challenge. Obviously, the board needed a protective shell of some kind.

Cats Lock — Take back the content on the web

The greatest invention since sliced bread, the cats lock key will revolutionize the way you browse the internet—filling your life with joy and, of course, cats. With the cats lock bookmarklet, you can instantly revitalize any webpage with content that you care about.