Links For February 3, 2014

Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America – The Joan Ganz Cooney Center polled 1500 parents on how children aged 2 to 10 engage with screens for learning.

Poll Focuses On Views From A Wide Array Of Latino Americans – NPR polled 1500 Latino Americans, finding lots of differences and commonalities among groups descended from different regions.

B-R5RB: The Biggest Battle in All Of EVE

Once the TCU onlining was decided, the fight just became about carnage: who could kill the most the fastest. The fleets committed by both sides represent a staggering amount of time, effort, and ISK. Each titan costs about 100 billion ISK (up to 160 or even 220b for particularly expensive fits), which can be purchased for about $3,000 USD by buying game time and selling it to other players for ISK. More than that, though, to build a titan requires several weeks and a nice quiet undisturbed area of space, something harder to find in the current climate. Supercarriers are similarly challenging. Dreadnaughts and carriers, while not as difficult to build, still represent a significant investment of effort on the part of an industrialist somewhere.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett belong to Celtics history

The chants started in the balcony, of course. Before the video montage and the standing ovations, there was a loud, throaty chant of Paul Pierce that echoed throughout the Garden. This was the tribute before the main event and for a generation of Bostonians, Pierce was their guy. Not Larry Bird or John Havlicek or Bill Russell, but the kid from Inglewood, California, who landed on their doorstep after more than a decade of irrelevance and gave them a reason to come to the Garden again. They watched him grow up, quite literally in many respects, and become just not the best Celtics player they ever saw but one of the best in franchise history, period.

I don’t even like the Celtics, but the tribute video that they played for Paul Pierce on his return to Boston made me choke up a little:

The Apple Macintosh recently turned 30 years old. Kottke has a good roundup of links observing the occasion.

A Sidewalk Astronomer – San Francisco astronomer John Dobson recently passed away. He was a regular sight in my neighborhood, though I never got a chance to look through his telescope.