Failing to learn

The SF Bay Guardian visited the Come Out and Play SF festival last weekend. They described my own game, Mime Boxing, as “a rowdy free-for-all of imaginary walls and temporary alliances,” which is a better summary than anything I ever came up with.

Yesterday in San FranciscoGotham City, Batkid (aka Miles Scott, a 5-year-old leukemia survivor) saved a damsel in distress from a runaway cable car, stopped a bank robbery by the Riddler, rescued the Giants’ mascot from the Penguin, and made everyone (except for badguys) happy for a day.

A new survey on children’s media habits by Common Sense Media finds that mobile usage is way up, but TV is still has the widest reach.

Quest to Learn, a game-based school in New York, reframes failure as part of an iterative process.

In other words, “suckin’ at somethin’ is the first step towards bein’ sorta good at somethin’.