Eye Candy

Full Turn: Benjamin Muzzin spins monitors very, very quickly to create ghostly holograms.

Box: Bot & Dolly uses projection mapping and freakishly precise motion control for a different take on illusion and depth.

MirrorMoon EP is out now. It’s not holographic, but it is still capable of messing with your sense of space.

Optional Features Shown: Zach Nader applies Photoshop’s content aware fill to car commercials to create a sort of ghost story.

Subtleties of Color: A good series of articles on practical color theory as applied to data visualization.

Flat Surface Shader uses an array of SVG polygons to create a 3D-ish lit mesh, but without the headaches of WebGL.

Tridiv: A simple 3D modeling tool that export its output as HTML+CSS.

Ghostly International presents Andy Gilmore. You should know about Andy Gilmore.