Links for December 31, 2017

Google Maps’s Moat

In other words, Google’s buildings are byproducts of its Satellite/Aerial imagery. And some of Google’s places are byproducts of its Street View imagery… so this makes AOIs a byproduct of byproducts. This is bonkers, isn’t it? Google is creating data out of data.


We are a non-profit long-term research group in the spirit of Doug Engelbart and Xerox PARC. We are inventing a new computational medium where people work together with real objects in the real world, not alone with virtual objects on a screen. We are building a community workspace in the heart of Oakland, CA. The entire building is the computer.

Rotten Apples

The Rotten is a searchable database that lets you know whether or not a film or television show is tied to a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

GitHub - rezaali/Fragment: Live Code Graphics via GLSL Fragment Shaders

Fragment is an open source design tool that utilizes GLSL and live coding to allow anyone to create spectacular imagery with math(s)!… Unlike shadertoy, Fragment is a native macOS app, that allows you to edit your GLSL code with which ever text editor you prefer. Fragment allows you to render out high resolution prints, and png sequences.

VCV Rack - Open-source virtual modular synthesizer