Links For December 27, 2013

Flickr: The British Library’s Photostream — One million images from the British Library’s archives, on Flickr, with a CC0 (i.e., more or less public domain) license.

They also plan to crowdsource metadata for the images (current data is on GitHub):

We may know which book, volume and page an image was drawn from, but we know nothing about a given image.... The title of the work may suggest the thematic subject matter of any illustrations in the book, but it doesn’t suggest how colourful and arresting these images are.... We plan to launch a crowdsourcing application at the beginning of next year, to help describe what the images portray. Our intention is to use this data to train automated classifiers that will run against the whole of the content.

The Crossword Puzzle At 100

The New York Times, after almost thirty years of openly denigrating the “fad,” got on board in February 1942, just as the United States was entering World War II. It was a victory gimmick, a distraction from all that. The Times puzzle debuted near photographs explaining the differences between various models of biplane. Margaret Farrar, former assistant to Arthur Wynne and probably the most important figure in the history of the crossword, was its first editor. She did away with the irregular rules and grid shapes that other papers had employed, inaugurating the square grid and symmetrical pattern with which we are now familiar. The structural rules she put in place were largely aesthetic, and they created an iconic daily artifact.

Who’s Funding K-12 Edtech? – A list of VC firms that have an interest in edtech.

OKVideo — JS lib for playing full-bleed videos in the background of a page. Note to self: abuse this horribly some time in the near future. (GitHub)